13 January 2012

Road Trip!

It’s not exactly news, but something triggered my mind late last night and compelled me to take a trip down memory lane to the amazing collaboration between McQ and London based photographer Niall O’Brien. McQ’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection was captured by O’Brien during a spontaneous road trip across Northwest America truly depicting the youth and free spiritedness that is so specific to the brand.

“When we stopped, it was usually at rivers and small towns where we’d end up hanging out with kids and locals, drinking beers, swimming, exploring and having fun,” said O’Brien.
The collaboration and innovative idea created and captured a true sense of adventure and energy allowing the brand to connect with its audience by sharing the impulsive journey and beautiful memories.
On another note, this marks my 100th Cadence and Clementine post! Can't wait for the next 100! Love to you all xx

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