3 January 2012

No Smoking

Three days into the new year I would imagine there are a few people out there suddenly realising the resolutions they made at 12:00am after the count down are not in fact as easy or as straight forward as they originally thought they were when they made them in their slightly intoxicated state. 
One such resolution that comes around year after year is the old faithful, "I will quite smoking this year." This statement is usually followed by the grand gesture of smoking one last cigarette the night of New Years Eve, before throwing an un- finished package into the garbage as if to symbolise the finality of the statement! Come 9:00am the next morning however and it's a whole different scenario, suddenly it's not so easy and subtle reminders of doubt filter into your mind. You realise that you're going to have to work really hard to achieve your goals…which in retrospect is good thing, you'll have to push yourself and challenge your discipline, but when you succeed the sacrifice will be suddenly be worth it. 
With this stock standard resolution in mind, I though this slightly crazy off beat photo shoot circa 2009, was strangely appropriate. Lily Donaldson appears in a black comedy editorial in Vogue Paris entitled, 'No Smoking,' channelling what appears to be an unfit example of what a mother should be, cigarettes and all. Patrick Demarchlier captures a truly humorous aesthetic, which when combined with the soft colours and cuts of the fashion can only be taken lightheartedly. 

No Smoking, Vogue Paris April 2009 
Model: Lily Donaldson
Photography: Patrick Demarchlier
Style: Carine Roitfeld

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